“DIVINE MYSTICS, ANOTHER SIDE OF ISLAM” – The Documentary is an insight on Sufism, which is a part of Islam, yet a very different school of thought.

Shot in Bareilly, Ajmer & New Delhi in India, the documentary is of 50 minutes and was telecast on Discovery Channel as part of the World Religion Series.

“THE SLOW POISONING OF INDIA” – The Editing and Graphics work of the Documentary produced by TERI (The Energy Research Institute) was done by us. The documentary showcases the pressing need to stop the Pesticide sprays in the country. It shows various case histories, cause and effect of the sprays. Thus, a film to awaken the masses.

“GIVE US A LIFE” – A 50 minute documentary produced by TERI on the effects of pollution on children.

“A NEW DAWN IN THE HIMALAYAS” – 24 minute documentary on fresh water harvesting in the Himalayas, Produced by TERI.